THING 13: K12 Online Conference

I explored a couple of conferences before committing to one. One of the first conferences that I explored was called Playing with the 4 C’s in an Elementary Classroom (Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking). I got about half way through the conference and decided to leave. It was an interesting conference on the different ways to incorporate the 4 C’s in the classroom, but it was not geared toward the early elementary grades. I wanted to make sure I “attended” a conference that I would apply to the grade levels that I am teaching. After leaving this conference, I stumbled upon Everything Apps for the K12 Educator.  I feel very lucky to attend a school where each kindergarten class has 4 ipads in their classroom as well as access to an ipad cart (which we can check out from our school library so every student in the class could work on one if I wanted).  This conference was appealing to me because my goal is to get more ideas about the types of apps that I could incorporate in my lessons and use with my students.  I was really interested in the storytelling apps.  I never heard of such apps as blurb mobile, sock puppets , or toontastic, but I look forward to exploring them more thoroughly.  I also want to play around with Milly and Molly Stories. This app sounded neat because students can read along with the stories.  Although I thought the conference was informative,  I do wish that she went a little more in depth on how to use these apps in the classroom. I also wish I had an ipad with me while I attended this conference. It would have been great to play and explore the different apps that were mentioned so I could figure out how I would use them in my class.

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