THING 4: Blogging

This last year I have enjoyed reading blogs that I have found through friends or on Pinterest, but this is my first experience actually writing a blog. Some of my favorite non-teaching blogs that I keep up with are below:

  • Twinkadinks– Blog from an old coworker who wrote about her pregnancy and now her crazy, but wonderful life with twins.
  • A Healthy Slice of Life –  Blog from my friend’s sister in law, who writes about healthy living. The blog gives great healthy recipes for both adults and babies. I love the Munchkin meals that she shares.
Blogging is a wonderful tool that allows people to share what is going on in their professional and/or personal lives. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading blogs about some of my friends’ pregnancies, getting great tips on cooking delicious recipes, and getting new ideas on how to better my classroom and teaching.

The five blogs that I took a look at today, were quite interesting and I love that each blog can bring something totally different to the table. It is great seeing the different opinions and incite from each blogger. Two of the blogs that I was really surprised by were the the blogs written from the students’ points of view. When I first read Mrs. Stephen’s Class blog- What Did We Learn?  I totally expected it to be from the point of view of Mrs. Stephen and not her students. I thought hearing from the students was such a cool idea.

I also checked out another student created blog called A Duck With a Blog- I forgot that I had read this blog about a year ago. A fellow teacher had sent me the link through an email. I loved the responses from the students and thought they were awesome. I can tell that the students had so much fun blogging about the duck. Their pictures were cute too!

I enjoyed reading these blogs. I personally wish I had more time to blog and share my ideas. Part of me is also not very comfortable with setting up a blog. I am kind of a perfectionist and want to create a really cool site. Maybe I will feel more comfortable and therefore have more time to blog after this class. I feel that blogging and networking with others is an awesome way to share all of our great ideas whether you are a teacher or a new mom or a foody, etc. I think that is why I am (slightly…LOL) obsessed with the site Pinterest. It isn’t a blog, but a great network where I can quickly “pin” ideas/sites from other people to a virtual board and take my time looking back at them later. I have actually pinned some great links to other blogs that I want to check out  when I have more time that will provide me with new teaching ideas, update my classroom, give me some new recipes, help me renovate/ decorate my house, etc.

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